#013 “slave to the leo”

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So I stumbled upon this Fantasy Gatcha event happening in-world. I saw so many different things for people who love to roleplay can get things for really cheap. I’m talking 25L 50L up to 65L that I found being the most expensive. I found it to be really nice and me going broke quickly afterwards. I was hooked on the cow skills and some necklacks that hang low over your breasts. They even had a Tango version. You’ll be seeing that next post. 🙂

I also totally forgot I got a really cute Leo at a past Gatcha that was in the Zodiac store for the month of the Leo. Hopefully they still sell it cause it’s just too cute!



the body.:
[skin. :[PF] <Caramel> Harley
[hair. Action Angelique Overdose
[eyes. {D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Pink Shades Edition
[hands. SLink Mesh Hands (av)
the accessories.:
[lion. +>A&A<+ Leo Lionies – Black (Past Zodiac Item)
[nose bandage. RUT Nose Bandage
[skull horns. Lady Dragon Orchid @ Fantasy Gatcha
[bracelet. MANDALA POLLY Bracelet/White
[anklet. ~Soedara~ Kara-Khitan Silk Chastity Belt Gold White
the outfit.:
[tops. *L.inc* Lifted Top Davys Grey
[leggings. Overhigh – Paint Legs – Orange
[skirt. Paperbag. The Goddess Skirt Grey
[feet. SLink Flat Bare Feet


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