#026 “blurred lines”

Blog Post_037

Hello sweets, I’ve been neglecting you I’m so sowwies.

I did go M.I.A. for a bit, real life got hectic but I had to make a little bit of time to show off Milk’s new dress for SL Fashion Week. It comes in 6 different colors and I decided to show off her past release again, cause I thought the other one was missing a little somethin somethin. And I even decided to show you the horns she made again as well. I’ve been stuck on the song Blurred Lines so I definitely had to do a duo for the song that inspired me. I hope you enjoy lovelys. ♥



the common parts.:

[skin. THESKINSHOP ‘Pussy’
[eyes. “tSg” Sleepy
[implants. Lolas ::: Tango :::
[hands. Slink AV
[teeth. [PXL] Creations

the cosmetics.:

[eyeshadow. [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow

the painful accessories.:

[lips. :Z.S: Ariel

the accessories.:

[headwings. RO – Malificient Head Wing
[collar/bracelets. (Bowtique) Spiked Bracelet


the first outfit.: (left)
the body.:

[hair. Action Mesh Hair Angelique

the cosmetics.:

[lippaints. [PF] Glossy Pout
[nails. Blushed – Shadow Tips~

the accessories.:

[horns. Chus! Galaxia Horns
[garter. alterego I skrippa garter

the outfit.:

[dress. *Milk* My Jali Dress (NEW!) @ SLFW
[shoes/socks. >.H.C.< SHARON

the poses.:

[body pose. Label Motion – Kaelyn
[head pose. Label Motion – Jewelry


the second outfit.: (right)
the body.:

[hair. /Wasabi Pills/ Momo
[feet. Slink AV

the cosmetics.:

[lippaints. The Shops! (THE SKIN SHOP) ‘Muse’
[nails. Blushed: Pink in Gold

the accessories.:

[horns. *Milk* My Forest Horns

the outfit.:

[dress. *Milk* My Darcy Dress
[shoes. _CD_ Oxygen

the poses.:

[body pose. (marukin) kook
[head pose. Label Motion – Jewelry


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