#038 “a little bit of everything”

Blog Post_052

A fun look today huh sweets.

So I finally saved up enough money to go and see what The Whore Mansion had new and.. I went broke. haha. It’s ok though, I’ma wear em most of the time when I can as long as I don’t mind some stares from some people cause there just that sexy. A new round is getting ready to open up at SL Fashion Week, and you know Milk she’s always on the ball. This time we get to enjoy some much needed knee bands. I don’t know about you but I HATED trying to find some good knee bands. They come in 5 variety of colors and to me are just plain awesome. I know you’ll enjoy them. ♥


the body.:

[skin. ItGirls – Lorde Skin (Recently New)
[hair. [e] Unfold
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[implants. Lolas ::: Tango :::
[hands. SLink Mesh (av)
[teeth. [PXL] Creations

the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. . Falsies .
[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows – Basic
[lip taint. [Ill] Illusory – Paige Lips

the accessories.:

[facemask. {PopTart} Sleepy Mask
[bracelets. _CandyDoll_ Mustache Cappuccino
[ring. =MODA= Paragon – Bagette Ring Platinum* (Limited Edition)

the painful accessories.:

[chest. ~SongBird~ Heart’s Filthy Lesson

the outfit.:

[top. *T.Whore*– Floral Top (NEW!)
[undies. *X*plosion Layover Mesh Top
[knees. *Milk* My Cotton Knee Bands @ SLFW (NEW!)
[shoes. ::LC:: Spice Platform Sneaker

the poses.:

[body pose. (marukin) [globe] time to fly
[body & head pose. Label Motion – Jewelry Poses


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