#060 “when i can’t sing”

Blog Post_075

the sadness creeps in as happiness  lays dormant.

Just to clear it out of the brain, nu I’m not sad. lols. I decided to make a mood-y post so it can be more realistic with the song that I was listening to when I made the outfit. Hurray for my newest sponsor BlackHalls as I am showing off two of their products in this post. One is the phone as you can see I’m showing off the minions samsung galaxy. Cause come on who doesn’t like the minions? lols. The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone they made comes in varieties of designs and colors. I’m also showing off the pantie dropped.. Took me awhile to finally get it around my thick legs but I made it work! \o/ The panties come in a variety of 5 colors, both the products I’m sure you’ll find one that calls out to you. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥


the body.:

[skin. Glam Affair – Angelica
[hair. Action Mesh Hair Angelique
[eyes. {D.A} Sinistre Eyes
[ears. Steking EARS [MANDALA]
[implants. Lolas ::: Mirage ::: (NEW!)
[hands & feet. SLink : Flat
[teeth. [PXL] Creations

the cosmetics.:

[hairbase. . Liquence . – Hairbase
[eyebrows .r.M. Misery – Eyebrows
[eyelashes. . Falsies .
[freckles. Dolly-Dots V2
[nails. Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- Mixed 4 Fingernails

the accessories.:

[flower. -LaViere- Candy Bows
[phone. ..::BlackHalls::.. Samsung Galaxy 3 (NEW!)

the outfit.:

[dress. *Milk* It Girl Mini
[stockings. .{ mpc }. resille .
[panties. ..::BlackHalls::.. Down Panties (NEW!)
[shoes. alterego I LE SS – minion (Sold Out)

the poses.:

[all poses. Filthy.Unicorn : NomoPhobia


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