#104 “tarantallegra”

Blog Post_119

when one door closes, another one always opens.

The Body Mod Expo is coming to a close, that means I gets a breather somewhat. Woo \o/ I love blogging but sometimes my creativity needs a rest. lols.  Remember the event ends Nov 3. six more days left including today before it ends. Make sure to get the exclusives you wanted. ♥

Annd speaking of events, a new one is apparently starting in which [geek.] is a part of. I know you’ve seen this hoodie in blog posts, well it will be available at the Bitacora Fair, apparently its a traveling fair. If I had more info on it I would totally tell youse buut look at how cute this hoodie is! and yes I made it boobie friendly with a little help of just good ol fashion editing. ♥ To find this hoodie you must go to the Asian region. Don’t worry there’s a board to tell you which is the Asian part. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥


Music is all the same everywhere.
It cannot escape from that format.
But my standard is different from you.

events covered.

Bitacora Travel Event → []
The Body Modification Expo → []
Perfect Wardrobe → []

the body.:

[skin. [the Skinnery] Ming
[hair. [LeLutka]-ADILE
[eyes. .tsg. Spilled Milk
[teeth. DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. *MC* “Falsies”
[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows
[freckles. .tsg. Luna
[lip taint. Expired :{
[nails. *MC* Lovely Solids set

the painful cosmetics.:

[leg. .*Milk* Vanity Thigh V2
[shoulder. [geek.] Playing Operation @ Perfect Wardrobe

the accessories.:

[horns. RO – Baphomet Horns @ The Body Mod Expo
[hood. [geek.] Mogul Hood @ Bitacora
[necklace &anklets. *HolliPocket* Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearl @ The Body Mod Expo

the outfit.:

[top. [LF]Transparent Shirt White
[undies. [LF] High Waist Panties
[heels. >.H.C.< SHARON

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. Steking EARS [MANDALA]
[implants. Lolas :::Tango:::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands. SLink Mesh Flat

the poses.:

[all poses. Glitterati (Variety)


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