#116 “be ma girl”

Blog Post_135

taste the ice creamed skittles.

So the Thrift Shop is up and roaring to go. A whole bunch of exclusives, sales and brand new items. Oh, don’t forget all the gatcha items as well. Who would want to wait to take their lindens to the thrift shop? I know not I. ♥

.{yumyums}. has really stepped up the creativity for this round with the gatcha Ice Cream Scoop headbands and rings. I was sooo ready to fork over every linden I had to get all of them. When I say theres a variety of colors and scoops it goes for each set. Not only that but she made some awesome skins with fades going up the arm and legs along with some fantastic makeup. I must say the Ice skin is my favorite along with Meowza. Not only that but the details on the tummy and and cleavage makes me swoon. My 3 scoop hat I tip to you yumyum. These are deliciously good. ♥

You still have some time left to get your things from Going Bust along with this dino fanatic kini by Bugz and no I don’t mean the rabbit lols. Although I totally had that in mind when I first saw the name of the store. ♥

Teen Top.

I’m still young so I can’t buy you nice things but
That’s why I’m going to give you all my love
I’ll walk to the end of the sky to get to you
I will protect you with my life

events covered.

The Thrift Shop (TTS) → []
Going Bust (GB) → []
Perfect Wardrobe (PW) → []
the body.:

[skin. .{yumyums}. {3} Alli Skin @ TTS
[hair. Action Mesh Hair Angelique
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[teeth. DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. *MC* “Falsies”
[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows
[eyes. (yellow makeup) [ni.Ju] Hime-yu
[nails. .{yumyums}. {3} Alli Skin

the accessories.:

[hairbow. RO – Briar Bow Headband (edited)
[headband/ring. .{yumyums}. Scoop Me Up @ TTS
[collar. Blah. ( My Elegant Bow Collar ) @ PW

the outfit.:

[bikini. Bugz – Kini Duo Freak @ GB
[shoes. alterego I LE SS – tastemyrainbow (expired)

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. Steking EARS [MANDALA]
[implants. Lolas ::Mirage::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands & feet. SLink Mesh Flat

the poses.:

[all poses. Glitterati – Model Pose


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