#137 “to you”

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is she bad or misunderstood?

A new round of Silicone has just stared and there is a bunch of awesome releases. I really like this dress LE Forme made for the event, it comes in 4 other colors I believe and it’s really cute. 😀 It’s like in the middle of sexy and cute.

Milk also came out with a release, she made some kick ass garters with some spike on them. It does fit the Phat Azz as you can see and it is mod so you can make it fit your shape! I had to tweak it a bit but didn’t have that much trouble like other garters in the past. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥


It’s like every day, every day ya
My heart hurts but you won’t know my frustrated heart

events covered.

Silicone Event (SE) → []
Suicide Dollz (SD) → []


the body.:

[skin. Glam Affair – Angelica
[hair. (Chemistry) HAIR – Bubbles [eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[teeth. DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing


the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. *MC* “Falsies”
[freckles. -Glam Affair
[nails. Hello Dave Mixed Colors


the accessories.:

[headband. -UtopiaH- My Cute Angelic Headband
[duckie. [geek.] 2ndHand CHewtoy GACHA []
[snout/tail. tapi :: piggy snout & tail @ SD
[garter. *Milk* My Leather Leg Straps (NEW!) []


the outfit.:

[jacket. !!SpoiledLiLBrat!!Licker leather jacket []
[dress. [LF] Baby Boo Dress @ SE
[heels. .Renegade. Nola Platform Wedges


the shape add-ons.:

[ears. Steking EARS [MANDALA]
[implants. Lolas :::Tango:::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands & feet. SLINK avenhance


the poses.:

[all poses. .[ pose+ivity ]. Candee


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