#147 “high high”

Blog Post_02210,000 views yaaay.

I finally reached 10,000 views! Yaaay thankies so much. ^^ It makes me so happy that I’ve made it this far in 6 months and on my own. ♥ But past my happiness, Frost opens up today! Woot woot. \o/ I’ll post a post later on today with the landmark so you have the landmark and know when it’s actually open. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

Blog Post_023

G.D. & TOP.

countdown freedom i’ve been waiting for over the limit
only strong fox wrestling 1minute 1 second is

events covered.

Frost → [Opens Today]
The Boobies Show (TBS) → []

the body.:

[hair. “”D!va”” Hair “Tomoko2”
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[teeth. [PXL] OpenMouth

the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. *MC* “Falsies”
[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows
[lips. *Glance Skins – Lana
[nails. [The Skinnery] Natural

the accessories.:

[fox. [geek.] The Foxy Bot @ Frost
[crown. .{yumyums}. Cakey Crown @ Frost
[watch. [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet

the outfit.:

[top. *HolliPocket* Rock My Bits Baby Tops @ TBS
[undies. *L.inc* Kari G String (Recently New)
[boots. (r)M~(ePunk) Boots @ Frost

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. Stretched Omimi EARS [MANDALA]
[implants. Lolas :::Mirage:::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands & feet. SLINK avenhance

the poses.:

[all poses. Purple Poses


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