#151 “don’t say goodbye”

Blog Post_026

winter? what winter?

Morning sweets, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m a wee bit tired and can’t really function much as is lols. And yes I changed my style up again, I hope you like it. Maybe one day I’ll do a poll so you can help me choose a style. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥


If this moment passes, if this moment is over
We will be separated forever
I love you, I love you to death-

events covered.

Frost → []
Suicide Dolls (SD) → []

the body.:

[hair. /Wasabi Pills/ Maya
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[teeth. [PXL] OpenMouth

the cosmetics.:

[eyelashes. *MC* “Falsies”
[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows
[lips. *Glance Skins – Lana
[nails. [The Skinnery] Natural

the painful cosmetics.:

[hands/arm. .Identity. Body Shop – Karma @ Frost

the accessories.:

[hat. [BURLEY]_Your_Highness_Crown
[horns. Chus! Galaxia Horn

the outfit.:

[outfit. L!KE – Chic Chic Boom @ SD
[heels. [BLOW]; -Cruella[(NEW!) []

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ears
[implants. Lolas :::Tango:::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands & feet. SLINK avenhance

the poses.:

[all poses. .Label Motion


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