#162 “new year fun”

Blog Post_035

new round of going bust. ♥

So I spent all my monies trying to get every single Sailor Moon outfit and I got everyone buuut Venus. Ugh. > < Lols, I hope everyone is enjoying this round as much as I am.

Going Bust is also starting tomorrow. Woot woots, so I hope you hurry and get the awesome sidewalk deals before they go away. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥



events covered.

Going Bust (GB) → []
OMGacha (OMG) → []



the body.:

[skin. my custom.
[hair. Rosy mood Lyra 2
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[teeth. [PXL] OpenMouth

the cosmetics.:

[eyebrows. [Gauze] Eyebrows
[lips. *Glance Skins – Lana
[nails. Action Sweet Tooth

the accessories.:

[cape. .tsg. Sentofuku Lingerie @ OMG
[butt bow. .tsg. Sentofuku Lingerie @ OMG
[staff. .tsg. Moonlight Magic RARE @ OMG
[garter. *MUKA* Garter Love

the outfit.:

[dress. .::Pink Sugah::. Peepshow – Brocade @ GB
[pasties. .tsg. Rose Maiden Pasties
[socks. .tsg. Princess Socks
[heels. .tsg. Bubbles Heels

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. [theSkinnery] Puki Mesh Ears (NEW!) []
[implants. Lolas :::Mirage:::
[bum. *L.inc* Phat Azz
[hands & feet. SLINK avenhance

the poses.:

[all poses. .[pose+ivity]


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