#179 “idiot toi”

Blog Post_052

when words fail..

So I decided to show off my spongey love for Spongebob this time. I may look silly to some but I like my look. x3 Especially when I gots new hair. \o/

Remember mostly anything listed below should be easy to find in search and/or Marketplace, but if not lemme know. 😀 I will point you in the right direction. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥





events glossary.

Kustom 9 (K9) → [] [Opening Feb 1st]
Suicide Dollz (SD) → []
Cosmetic Fair (CF) → [] [Countdown to the Ending! Later Today]


the body.:

[skin. .tsg. Kotoko
[hair. *Milk* Hair~ High End Hippy @ K9
[eyes. .tsg. Galaxy @ CF

the cosmetics.:

[eyebrows. [Gauze]
[eyeshadow. .tsg. Doki Doki Eyeshadow
[lipgloss. *Glance Skins – Lana
[nails. *MC* Mon Cheri Fancy

the accessories.:

[bow. booN velvet bow headband SYURI
[butt bow. RO – Briar Bow
[wings. [SI] Chibi Wings
[tail. *L.inc* The Tail

the outfit.:

[top. alterego I half tee v5
[skirt. L!KE – My Fluffy Lil Tutu [] @ SD
[undies. *L.inc* Kari G String
[stockings. Izzie’s – Overknee Socks
[boots. alterego I showstoppa

the shape add-ons.:

[ears. [theSkinnery] Puki Mesh Ears
[bum. *L.inc* Cute Azz
[hands & feet. SLINK avenhance

the poses.:

[all. Glitterati


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