#191 “captain choi jarrow”

Blog Post_067

i’ve got a jar of duuuurt. 😀

So we had a pirate and wenches event where I work one night, but didn’t get to stay. D: Needed to go to bed quick and I really liked what I was able to put together so I wanted to share what I had gotten together. Yes. I was trying to be a beardless woman jack sparrow, buuut I couldn’t find all that he had so I had to improvise but I liked what was the end result lols. So I hope you enjoy too sweets! ♥

♥ Little Reminder: If you see that I have listed something but not its LM and you need it I have listed it in a past post before. Hope you understand but still feel free to IM me if it’s too annoying to find. :3 ♥




Blog Post_068




Body Banner

[skin. [PF] Harley
[hair. *Calico* Penny
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy

Accessories Banner

[bird. [geek.] Sleepy lil’ Chobo

Outfit Banner

[top/boots. PFC~Rogue
[pants. DeeTaleZ Pants glow leggings


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