#193 “slippery slopes”

Blog Post_071

why use water when oil is better.

Blog Post_073

So it is the FINAL week fo Suicide Dollz for this round and I just have to show this off before the price of it goes back up. Batteries Included Inc. made a oil paddle pool, mind you this is NOT for the kiddies. It is filled with some erotic poses and a few cuddle ones as well. The animations in it are actually REALLY good and its 30% off its original price so you better get in this week and grab it if you haven’t yet! Thankies to my bestie Aria for helping me show off the couples part of the pool. ^^ Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

♥ Little Reminder: If you see that I have listed something but not its LM and you need it I have listed it in a past post before. Hope you understand but still feel free to IM me if it’s too annoying to find. :3 ♥

Blog Post_072

Events Banner

[pool. BN inc. – Oily Paddle Pool @ Suicide Dollz

[On Me]

[shoes. Blah. (My Evelated Getas) Latex Aqua @ Whore Couture
[controller. [geek.] A Geek’s Tragedy Mouffie @ OneWord

[On Me]

[skin. [PF] Harley
[hair. ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Nancy
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[oil. .tsg. Titnable Oil
[necklace/ring. [QE] Unico- White
[swimsuit. *L.inc* Stripper Bikini @ Collabor88 (not sure if still open)

[On Her]

[skin. Glam Affair – Angelica
[hair. Truth – Rowan
[lips. [PF] Glossy Lipstick
[oil. .tsg. Titnable Oil
[swimsuit. *L.inc* Stripper Bikini @ Collabor88

[heels. Reign Buckled Pumps – Solid Black/Gold Buckle [Was Limited/Now Sold Out]


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