#194 “i wont say”

Blog Post_074

i can’t say nor will i.

Blog Post_075

I got the opportunity to do a review on the new Gos shoes showcasing at the Whore Couture Fair! I hope I do them justice. ^^;
So everyone knows of the past shoes Gos came out with back at the Shoe Fair last year. Theres a add on with these plus a very different heel if you haven’t notice yet look at your pair if you got them! It’s a cute little butt and legs, it made me gigglesnort when I frist saw them hehe. The great things about these shoes is that there’s a option so you can wear stockings! Finally! wooooo~ The Whore Couture Fair ends on the 31st of this month so you still got plenty of time to save up for them! I’m glad I got them, the one skin matching makes it so much easy almost like if you was wearing Slink feet. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

♥ Little Reminder: If you see that I have listed something but not its LM and you need it I have listed it in a past post before. Hope you understand but still feel free to IM me if it’s too annoying to find. :3 ♥




Blog Post_076




Events Banner

[hair. /Wasabi Pills/ Marin @ Whore Couture
[blazer. [R3] – Hana Uniform @ The Chapter Four
[pokeballs. [geek.] Catchme Beads @ Whore Couture
[heels. [Gos] Bordello – Foxy Mules @ Whore Couture

Body Banner

[skin. .tsg. Bunny
[eyes. .tsg. Sleepy
[ears. [theSkinnery] Puki
[mouth. .Loud Mouth. – Alli
[lowerhalf. *L.inc* Cute Azz

Painful Accessories Banner

[monroe. {Sugar Heart} Mesh Monroe Piercing

Accessories Banner

[headbow. .tsg. Crowned Jewel
[backpack. .Birdy. Deer
[garter. *MUKA* Garter Love

Outfit Banner

[skirt. *Milk* My Summer Aztek
[stockings. *Milk* My Nylon Knee Socks


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