#203 “back up the slack”

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All these events are driving me insaaane! How the heck do you designers do it? I’m seeing so many faces in so many events, oh my god your brain must be a superhero. Hopefully I can keep it up! Weekend is over and it’s time to get to work! The Big Show has already started and died down a bit so everyone can get in, it’s still a bit laggy so make sure to not lag bump anyone. The Secreft Affair is going strong and I finally got in! If your a Games of Throne fan you are going to loooove this event. However don’t wait until the middle of the day you may not get in! It’s still very packed, as for the 100 Block event it is opening soon, and I must say people are stepping up to the platform and blowing me away! Hope you enjoy sweets.. ♥

♥ All pictures I take are raw photos, no editing about. I vary on the windlights but please demo. It may not look the same on you so remember to demo so you don’t waste money. ♥






the events.:

+.crown; Alchemy — Stag Crown @ The Secret Affair
+.top; D-Style – Suki Tank @ 100 Block ( Opening April 9th to the 30th)
+.wrists; *MUKA* Nasla Cuff @ 100 Block
+.anklet; .::C.C. Kre-ations::. {Tsubasa~} @ 100 Block
+.heels; *Reign.- Monarch @ The Big Show
the body.:

+.hair; ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh C4 (New!)
+.eyes; .tsg. Sleepy
+.mouth; .Loud Mouth. – Alli
+.pelvic; [uL] Ghetto Booty
the cosmetics.:

+.eyes; .tsg. Doki Doki Eyeshadow
the painful accessories.:

+.monroe; {Sugar Heart} Mesh Monroe Piercing
the outfit.:

+.panties; .tsg. Panties


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