#218 “fantasy gacha carnival”

Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Finally have the official time of when the event starts, prepare yourself for multiple TPs and failed TPs. The doors open at 8am SLT, so I hope you saved up your lindens and admitted yourself into the Gacha Addiction club lols. You have exactly one hour to either upload or get that moolah! ♥
– THEME IS F 4 FASHION– Feathers, Furs,Flowers, Fabric, Fad, Fashion, Fashionable, Favored, Feature, Fiber, Finery, Fit, Flamboyant, Flattering, Flawless, Flow, Focus, Folded, Form, Formal, Foulard, Fragrance, Frequently, Fringe, Frivolous, Frock, Frog, Frumpy, Function, Futuristic….etc

Be sure and wear your group tag to be spotted for random cash give-aways.


The way to the Carnival.


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