#223 “keep me company”

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Took me a bit to make an outfit this time, then I got lazy and was watching musicals… I really need to stop watching TV when making an outfit it distracts me so. > .< Buut I was shopping about for dresses so I could wear more mesh than from Bare Rose give more variety and I stumbled upon a freebie! \o/ It’s actually really cute, not to put anything against all freebies but you know sometimes there not what they seem well this one is! I had fun searching on MP and happy to have the options of mesh now since I use the wowmeh body. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥



♥ All pictures I take are raw photos, no filter about. I vary on the windlights but please demo. It may not look the same on you so remember to demo so you don’t waste money. ♥



the events.:

+.necklace; .Aisling. Feldream Necklace RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
+.book; .Aisling. Feldream Book RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

the body.:

+.skin; .tsg. Angel 2.0
+.hair; *Pink Hustler* 70521
+.eyes; .tsg. Mori
+.ears; [theSkinnery] Puki
+.mouth; .Loud Mouth. – Alli
+.hands; Slink Av Enhance Hands – Elegant
+.feet; Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat
+.body; ~WowMeh

the cosmetics.:

+.blush; PANTSU*HUNTER animu blush

the accessories.:

+.hair accessory; .tsg. Kanzashi Tsumami (White) (NEW!)
+.hair accessory; .tsg. Hair Ornament Peony Clip (Pink) (NEW!)
+.glasses; .:*December*:. Glasses
+.bacon strip; {Amai} Kai Bekon. Lolita Haven
+.kupo; {Kupo’ Army} Kupo-po’! .::C.C. Kre-ations::.

the outfit.:

+.dress; AUSHKA&CO-Pinkish (Free on MP)
+.sandals; .tsg. Hard Candy Jellies


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