LOTD352 “urf, more work?”

Blog Post_011


Gotta work gotta work gotta work gotta work. Oh I’m sorry, when did you pop in? 😮 I was just psyching myself up to blog like a maniac. I probably wont succeed very well but I can definitely give it a try. It’s 11 days until the new year and I have goals set for this blog. Plus finding a bloody style I can stick to! I’m sure you guys are tired of me changing so much. lol Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

♥ All pictures I take are raw photos, no filter about. Only thing you will see edited is the frame, all my photos are untouched by photoshop. I vary on the windlights but please demo. It may not look the same on you so remember to demo so you don’t waste money. I always keep a link to my sponsors store on the side feel free to jump to the item if I don’t link it in a event. ♥

how MANY events are showing.?

+.bag; [geek.] Rupee Bag @ Level Up


BUILD a me.:

+.skin; ::Modish:: Mochis
+.hair; TRUTH HAIR Blythe
+.eyes; .tsg. Spilled Milk
+.feet; Slink Avatar Enhancement
+.body & hands; -Belleza- Venus

enhance the BODY.:

+.lips; {.Forgotten Story.} Barf
+.freckles; . aegyo . Tintable Frecks w/Mole

STYLE it.:

+.headdress; +Spellbound+ Regal Unicorn Headdress // RARE
+.horns; Chus! Galaxia Horn
+.bracelets; {PixelGeek} Donut hand set

dress UP.:

+.shirt; [LF] None Tops No Limit [C]
+.skirt; ::LC:: Clear Skater Skirt
+.stockings; *Epic* Thigh-High Toeless Socks! [C]
+.tape; *Linc* Duct Vagoo & Pastie Tapes [C]
+.panties; MUSCHI – Panties Lasciva
+.shoes; *BOOM* Ginchiest Creepers


Word Key:

[O] = Omega Friendly
[C] = Converted to Omega
[LT] = Lolas Tango Friendly
[PA/CA] = Phat Azz and/or Cute Azz Friendly
[SP] = Slink Physique Friendly
[B] = Belleza Friendly
[LM] = Loud Mouth Friendly
[GB] = Ghetto Booty Friendly
[W] = WowMeh Friendly
[TMP] = The Mesh Project Friendly


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