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I think I found the perfect time to get outfits ready while I’m visiting my mum. Unfortunately I will be up late at night but then again everyone is kept up at night. My aunt and cousin are finally leaving! (thank goodness) I love em and all but their busy bodies. x3 I have a few events showcased today, hopefully you haven’t seen them already lols. Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

a big thanks to * L’Arc-en-Ciel * for having such a lovely sim to take pictures at. ♥

♥ All pictures I take are raw photos, no filter about. Only thing you will see edited is the frame, all my photos are untouched by photoshop. I vary on the windlights but please demo. It may not look the same on you so remember to demo so you don’t waste money. I always keep a link to my sponsors store on the side feel free to jump to the item if I don’t link it in a event. ♥

how MANY events are showing.?

+.bracelet; Izzie’s – 7 Say It With A Bracelet (common) @ With Love Fair
+.shirt; :FY: Hip Knotted Tees @ Hipster Fair
+.pants; American Beauty- Black Trousers @ Fashion Fair


BUILD a me.:

+.skin; .: fiore :. Chai
+.hair; (Chemistry) Hair – Ivy
+.eyes; [Buzz] Crystal
+.eyebrows; [lady.fakessi] Eyebrows
+.hands & feet; Slink Avatar Enhancement
+.body; Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

enhance your FACE.:

+.eyelashes; Mai Bilavio:. Lash Set
+.freckles; twoface. Freks v.3

style IT up.:

+.feathers; TRUTH HAIR Wren (NEW!)

dress UP.:

+.shoes; ::{u.f.o]::Margiella cutting sneakers


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