To be honest I have no clue what inspired my look. I kept cleaning out my inventory and I was like ooo this is nice I’m not taking this off and move onto hair and same thign again and move to shoes. Next thing I know… ta-da! lol I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. But I am actually looking for a new home to rent in rl so I am here but when I am I am too lazy to even snap photos. Buut I sorta ran out of stuff to say. x3 There was a lot of events just thing dang month, I don’t remember so many events in march last time. Geeez, talk about going broke right?? ♥

a big thanks to Eclectica for having such a lovely sim to take pictures at. ♥

♥ I will no longer be including landmarks on my post. I made a page located uptop with all the LMs inside my inventory and more that I add when I come across it. It is alphabetical order, I wanted to keep it easy. ♥

how MANY events are showing.?

+.hair; .Olive. the Steffi @ Uber
+.eyes; [Buzzeri] Elysium Eyes @ Uber
+.romper; *Fishy Strawberry* Dew Lace Romper&Top @ Uber



BUILD a me.:

+.skin; ND/MD EBONI
+.h&f; Slink Avatar Enhancement (made by tattoo)

enhance your SELF.:

+.eyelashes; Mai Bilavio:. Clumpy Princess
+.eyebags; .random.Matter. – Perfectly Flawed

style IT up.:

+.hat; +Spellbound+ Hecate (old hairs located in skybox at new store)
+.food; [CerberusXing] Mitarashi Dango
+.collar; Blah. ( My Elegant Bow Collar )

dress UP.:

+.shoes; * VinCue ~ Sandy+Platty

now VOGUE.:

+.body; Overlow Poses – Pack 48
+.head; Izzie’s – Headshot Poses


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