So after my mum’s passing recently to me it seriously feels like I have been bitch slapped by reality. And what has this taught me? I need to do more for myself like my mum. She definitely lived for herself, spoke her mind and lived with barely any regrets. My posts will be slowing down because I will be posting when I want to. Blogging has become such a job with all the sponsors and events.. It took away my whole love for blogging. Soo I’m taking my blog back, my fashion, my style, my time. And anyone who still follows me your support and love is not going unnoticed! I still heart you guys, sweets. ♥


a big thanks to Timeless Memories for having such a lovely sim to take pictures at. ♥


♥ I will no longer be including landmarks on my post. I made a page located uptop with all the LMs inside my inventory and more that I add when I come across it. It is alphabetical order, I wanted to keep it easy. Events LM will be up there soon as well. ♥

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