post queries

 So I decided to explain WHY I post the way I post, as in the way I show my details. 

1. Why don’t you include SLURLs on every item your wearing?

I use to put in the SLURLs every time but I also found that stores would continue to change sims, making me look dumb for not checking. And when they do change sims I would have to go to each post and update them. But I decided to put SLURLs on everything that is new or recently new because it’s the newest item. It makes it easier on me and I just put the full store name on the item I’m wearing so you can find it in search easier.

2. What’s with the colors?

I just discovered about the colors in wordpress and decided “Hey this will make it easier to catch the peers eyes on event names or new items.” So to me it helps advertise the newly released items.

3. Why do you have separate categories for clothes and body, etc.? 

For me I have looked at many other peoples blog post and found that a lot of time they just throw in the details. Me, I like to be organized and make it easier for my visitors to find exactly what their looking for on my post and end frustration. I think everyone should do it, but for right now this is the type of posting for me.

Now this is where I explain why the way I do pictures change so much.

Okay so my blog is almost a year old coming up in June of this year 2014 and I am still practically new. I mean my blog is basically still a baby not a toddler so there’s bound to be a few changes as it grows. I’m still trying to find my signature post, some liked older post styles while other liked the newer ones. I just am trying to find a way of showing off everything I’m wearing without the needs of bubble close-ups on the post. Like some ads you see you only see a model in one pose in a picture and it shows off everything she’s wearing and it makes you want to buy it. I’m trying to do the same, not because I’m lazy but it’s a challenge that not many people can pull off. Plus I want to NOT edit the post as much as possible. Make it as pure as if you saw me in-world with a hint of windlights to make it pop even more lol. I just hope I don’t lose followers while I’m on this creativity/me search while my posts change. I’m also trying to do more scenary pictures because I mean come on, you know those look bomb. And I want my blog to be the bomb and helpful. It’s what I’ve been aiming for since I started. To be the one of the few blogs that list all their details and be helpful, I love to help and it’s why I blog.  ♥

I hope this helps out some to get more of a general idea of why I post the way I do and my story behind why I change so much. Bye bye sweets. ♥


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