#241 “go for the win!”

Blog Post_147

Since Level Up just opened up today I wanted to do something creative with Cubic Cherry’s racecars. And what more fun way to show them off then make it look like a race. 😀 I made a common try to win because it’s my favorite color, purple. x3 I know I’m colorist, but purple is just so pretty! Remember Rozena? Well she was having a closing sale for Rozena and changed the name of her store to Angelica. She even has a fatpack of lip colors for free, no group to join just visit and buy isn’t she nice? Hope you enjoy sweets. ♥

Blog Post_148

♥ All pictures I take are raw photos, no filter about. I vary on the windlights but please demo. It may not look the same on you so remember to demo so you don’t waste money. ♥

the events.:

+.racecars; NT v.{Cherry Race~gatcha} .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ Level Up
+.legos; [geek.] Build Me Up Horns @ Thrift Shop

the body.:

+.skin; [the Skinnery] Ming
+.hair; [LCKY] Dango (NEW!)
+.eyes; .tsg. Sleepy Eyes
+.ears; [theSkinnery] Puki
+.hands; Slink Av Enhance Hands – Elegant/Relaxed
+.feet; Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Flat
+.body; ~WowMeh (not sold at this time)

the cosmetics.:

+.lips; (*ANGELICA) YOUR LIP GLOSS (NEW!)(opening gift)

the accessories.:

+.sparkles; :*BABY*: Magical Glitter

the outfit.:

+.outfit; *MUKA* Marilyn (fur tinted)(converted)
+.skirt; [PrettyLiar] Teeny Tiny Tutu (tinted)
+shoes; Totomi sandal


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